Jingrun Envirotech

      Beijing Jingrun Environmental ProtectionTechnology Co., Ltd.  (here in after called as “Jingrun Envirotech”) is a specialized high-tech enterprise engaged actively in industrial wastewater    treatment as well as in domestic and drinking water treatment. In 1994 Jingrun Envirotech was established under the Beijing Academyof Science and Technology. Currently, owing to continuous close cooperation and relationship with several domestic and foreign universities and research      institutes, Jingrun Envirotech stands as an independent company with more than 22 years of  professional experience in the field of water treatment technologies.

After years of development, due to ourcutting-edge products and technologies, Jingrun Envirotech has acquired astable credit in this competitive global market. We provide our customers with well-founded design, manufacturing, engineering, installation, operation, and system fault detection services in an integrated approach, along with comprehensive technical supports. We have  submitted 21 patents up until now;and we have 3 software’s proprietary intellectual property rights. 25% of allour employees hold Master’s degree. We have more than 500 m2 of specialized lab and 12000 m2 of professional manufacturing site. We are a partof several national high-tech organizations such as China Membrane Association,Zhongguancun High-Tech Science and Technology Park, High-Tech National Enterprises, etc

Jingrun Envirotech offers the most sustainable, stand-alone innovative solutions to tackle     the toughest challenges  in industrial and municipal water treatment sectors. Some of our technologiesare as follow:

·  Jingrun bipolar-induced electrochemical water treatment technology which iscomprised  of electrochemical flocculation electrochemical oil removal, electro-Fenton wastewater treatment, etc. In 2012, Jingrun bipolar electrochemistry technology was awarded the second prize of    the National Technical Invention by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China.

·    Jingrun Electrodialysis (ion exchange membrane).

·    Jingrun MF, UF, NF, RO, MBR.

·    Jingrun Electrochemical Oxidation technology.

·    Jingrun Biological method for removing nitrate nitrogen.

·  Jingrun Adsorption technology for hard-to-degrade soluble concentrated CODs removal.

Jingrun Envirotech technologies and productshave been used in 16 provinces in China,        Chad in Africa and Sri Lanka in Asia;with the total number of nearly 100 completed projects.     Our technologies andproducts cover a wide range of applications, such as in the fields ofpetrochemical, coal chemical, coking chemical, power plant, steel industry,solar energy, cement industry, chlor-alkali, drinking water supply, domesticand municipal water supply and dual quality watersupply. We have several well-known clients like Sinopec, Petro China, ChinaCoal, Sino Chem,China National Salt Industry Corporation,National WaterSupply and Drainage Board of Sri Lanka, etc.